Shakti Ma translates as Divine Mother.  

Shakti is the Hindu concept of Cosmic Feminine Creative Energy.   

Born Barbara Ann McLeod April 8, 1966 in Mystic CT, Shakti Ma has focused on the healing vibration of sound + mantra since childhood.  Her fascination with world cultures comes through in her music, which combines ancient mantras + prayers with atmospheric sounds + rhythms.
Early on, Shakti felt connected to source through nature + song.  Growing up Ma would spend hours talking to plants, trees, animals, + clouds…singing with the birds, planting in the garden, dancing in the grass.  Around age 11, Shakti developed a meditation/yoga practice + sang in the church as a soloist + in choirs.  Ma  began singing blues + rock songs in local smoky venues.  Her continued practice of mantra, massage, meditation, nutrition, reiki, etc, have brought her through the heavy times into the brilliance of life.
Now the smoky blues + raspy rock tones seep through in her vocal style.  The blend of her angelic clear soprano with her moody sultry alto allow her to expose all of the colors in her voice.  Her sorrowful past brings depth + vulnerability while her spiritual influence delivers a sense of hope.  Her emotional devotion draws the listener deep into themselves, allowing the spark to ignite their own inner Light.  Shakti Ma consciously chooses to fill her mind + life with healing vibrational patterns.  Her passion is to share her songs of joy, love, + gratitude to help others heal themselves.

Shakti Ma is a tiny house dweller living in a spiritual community on a nature preserve in So Cal. She spends her days in a retreat sitting deeply in her spiritual practices, moving meditation in the stone labyrinth, sound vibration in the geo dome, relaxing walks on the trails, + yoga under the stars.

Back East, she regularly led kirtan at healing centers including Blissworks Yoga, Mystic Yoga Shala + The Dragon’s Egg Studio.
Here in So Cal, she has plays many spiritual venues including Sun Salute Yoga, Yoga Bungalow, Universalist Church in Laguna, World Beat Center in San Diego, Mystic Water Kava Bar, 1st Spiritualist Church, Pilgrimage of the Heart, + several private venues.



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