Shakti Ma's Aloha & Healing Retreat
to May 13

Shakti Ma's Aloha & Healing Retreat

Shakti Ma is opening her heart and her vacation Home to a special select few that feel a call to a trip beyond their dreams. Enjoy the intimate comfort of a private residence, the accommodations of a resort and the location of a lifetime.

   “many are called but few are chosen”   
                    - Bob Marley

Shakti Ma has been exploring the healing and liberating energies of The Big Island of Hawaii for many years. She and her partner share a vacation home In the Waikoloa Beach Resort. The resort runs along the Kohala Coast, which claim some of the best beaches in the world.It is here, Shakti”s home, that you will find a piece of yourself. Here in the warmth of the tropical waters that you can float away your daily worries or frolic with wild dolphin and sea turtles. Here in the safe sacred feminine space, you can reconnect with deeper parts of you. Here, in Hawaii, you are chosen to come home. To relax and rejuvenate yourself through deep release and lavish self-care. Recode yourself and come Alive to live as your Highest Self.

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